Indoor wall

The main reason for the development of indoor climbing walls is to create a controlled environment for new comers who want to try the sport, as well as a training environment for experienced climbers to use during the evenings, the hot summer months and the rare rainy days.

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The GCA has been working with the Gozo Ministry and the Gozo Sports Complex to develop an indoor bouldering wall, divided in 2 phases. The construction on phase one of the wall started in late 2006. It is planned to complete phase two by October 2007.  The location of the wall is in the lower ground level of the sports complex in front of the Squash Court.
With the first phase complete this facility is being used by local climbers and Skola Sports every Saturday morning with over 20 children learning to climb with an age range of 8 – 12 years old.  

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It is our aim to continue to develop the Indoor facility with a full scale climbing wall in the main hall of the sports complex.  To attract an increased interest in the sport locally as well as internationally.  This main wall would be a training facility for climbers to use during the whole year and to hold international climbing competitions to attract climbers and tourists to the island during the winter season.

Climbing holds and artificial rock faces could be manufactured locally as long as the products are tested to European standards.  This would not only create an income for local manufactures but also the possibility to export the products that are produced.